Your PC has broken down and you no longer have the Windows 7 DVD to reinstall it and well you have come to the right place, because now you will be able to download the official Windows 7 ISO and repair your PC. Without further ado, here is the article that will save you!

Indeed, in this article, I have made available to you the official versions of Windows 7 in ISO format and in French, they are unmodified versions.

This can be useful for those who have lost their Windows 7 DVD or who simply haven’t had it and want to reinstall their PC.

To do this, just burn the ISOs below to a DVD and you’re done.

 💡 However, don’t forget that once the installation is done, you will need to enter your license to activate Windows


Download the official Windows 7 ISO


Windows 7 – Premium Home SP1

Link 1



Windows 7 – Professional SP1

Link 1

If « Link 1 » hs, here are the emergency links:

Link 1 and link 2 HS? Tell us in comment, thank you!


Pack SP1

You already have Windows 7 and you are only looking for the SP1 package, you can find it below:

Pack SP1 Windows 7 19 mai 2019
Pack SP1 Windows 7 19 mai 2019



    Repair Windows Update

    If you have a problem with Windows Update updates, you will need to install this script:


    32-bit version (link 1)or32-bit version (link 2)

    64-bit version (link 1)or64-bit version (link 2)

    Installation: Once the script is launched, you will have to wait several minutes before seeing the PC restarted automatically, then just restart Windows Update and normally updates can be done.

    I thank the author who kindly accepted that I offer you his tool on my site!
    These applications have been found on this article, take a look, maybe you will be interested in other information:



     💡 Also I specify that these are the official Iso of Microsoft and they are the ones I use during my customer troubleshooting to reinstall their system.

    And for those who are looking for the official Windows 10 isoes, it’s this way!

    Good download 😉

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