Have you ever had to modify the extension of several files (images, music, documents…)?

On 2 or 3 files you can do it manually, but when you have 50 or more files to modify, it takes much longer.

With the trick I’m going to give you, you’ll save a lot of time.


How to modify the extension of several files in 1 click


1) To start, go to the folder where the files whose extensions are to be modified are located.

2) Then, in the same folder, create a Text Document (right click, then click on « new » then on « text document »).

3) Then, you must write this code in the text document:

@echo off
ren *.original extension *.desired extension


That’s all well and good, but what does that code mean?
In fact, the only changes to be made in this code will be the extensions: « original extension » and « intended extension« .


Example, I have 50 images in.JPG and I want to modify the extension to put them in.PNG.


4) If we use our code again, it will look like this:

@echo off
ren *.jpg *.png


Code to change extensions



5) So, once this code is written in your text document, you must save it in.bat (and not in.txt).

Save file in .bat


Normally, you should have your.bat document with a « gearwheel » icon.

All you have to do is double-click on it, and in a few seconds, all your files will have their extensions modified.

As you will have understood, this trick is not useful if you have few files to modify, but it will be very useful in the case of a multiple modification


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